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Contemporary Art Week!

Tamara Natalie Madden

Madden lists among influences Gustav Klimt and images of Egyptian royalty. You can view many, many more images of her work here at her official website.

I find these breathtaking acrylic and mixed media paintings evocative of both the Fayum Mummy Portraits and early medieval icons featuring the Black Madonna.

My head is a jumbled fucked up mess and I can’t concentrate but I need to concentrate and I just want to set everything on fire.

On the cusp of an emotional breakdown

and I have a test and a practical to study for. I just want to curl up and cry but I can’t because I have an assignment to post.



4c hair is dangerous, y’all.

*whips hair* try me if you want to

Gut. Wrenching.

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Fashion & Luxury





me and my crew at the party judging you

It’s so perfect I want to cry.

Michael: Girl…. really?
Liz: Now girl you know better…..
Oprah: This bitch just tried it.

Favorite pic of MJ

"Omg what do she got on?"